Niall Sunderland of Wren Data and Amir Yampel of Centrical, speaking on the use of goal-setting, self-reflection and feedback to drive the sales behaviours you need at the recent “Supercharge your Employees through Gamification” event in the Dublin Chamber.

Event date:  Fri 06 Mar 2020
Venue:  Dublin Chamber, 7 Clare Street, Dublin 2 D02 F9O2

Event Details: CX leaders want to better manage their people, by driving the behaviours that lead to better customer service quality and satisfaction. The Gamification platform lets you do just that, so you can communicate performance requirements. Centrical drives sales performance excellence, from calling, onboarding, message alignment, proper CRM entry, chatter adoption and more by applying KPI’s and using gamification to drive motivation. Make sure your employees understand what they need to achieve and how to achieve it.

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