Wren Data Ltd., Interactive Intelligence’s Gold Partner in Ireland and a pioneering early adopter of their Contact Centre Technology twenty years ago, are a specialist company dedicated to the design, delivery and support of complete end-to-end, leading-edge, multimedia Contact Centre technology solutions to leading BPOs, Government Agencies and Customer Engagement focused Domestic and Multi-National companies.
Wren Data see their relationship with their clients as one of partnership; from engaging with clients in the evaluation, design, and implementation of ‘Best of Breed’ complementary industry technologies to the optimisation of Contact Centre operations and enhancement of customer experience and quality across the complete range of services our clients offer their customers. As a company Wren Data Ltd. bring a wealth of industry knowledge, experience and success, enabling businesses across diverse industries to better engage, evolve, grow and respond to their customer needs while realising identifiable and measurable operational benefits and efficiencies – boosting growth, revenue and fueling further expansion.
In choosing to partner with Wren Data, our clients are confident in the knowledge that they are working with a Solution Partner that is drawing on two decades of proven experience, expertise and delivery success in Contact Centre design, delivery and support.

Mary Rosse Centre, Holland Road, National Technology Park, Limerick
061 485 700